How to book a room

First you choose your day of arrival and next you press the day you want to leave. Please be patient and wait for the form where you can fill in your contact information. Please also fill in additional information or questions in the “Comments” box. Families are kindly asked to state the age of the children. We aim to respond to all e-mails within 24 hours.

Remember to press the “Confirm” button. You will receive your booking confirmation on E-mail.

If it is urgent, you are of course welcome to call our cell phones:+45 42 20 46 90 or +45 41 10 96 95 to arrange your stay with us. If we have had guests the day before, however, time of arrival must be after 1. p.m. If you would like to leave your luggage and / or vehicle early in the day please let us know.

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